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Alea Evolution s.r.l. was born in 2009 from the intuition of two oenologists and is presented as a new and dynamic company that offers adjuvants, additives and biotechnology for food and wine.

The continuous research for Quality, underlying the foundations of the company, allows obtaining UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certification already the following year, confirming the reliability and professionalism that distinguish it.

In 2013 was founded the R&D sector, through which was expanded the range of products and increased controls on raw materials and finished products, in order to offer increasing Quality and Reliability.

In 2015 Alea Evolution obtains the Organic Certification as a preparation company and the “Green” range is created.

In 2017 Alea Evolution obtains the BRC, IFS (the highest standard for food safety certifications) and ISO 9001: 2015 Certifications, while confirming a constant attention to the needs of the market and its Customers.

In 2018, an investment is made that doubles the size of the plant, allocating most of the new space to the production department.

Oenological Product made on Your Needs

Our Values

tradition is not the witness of the past, it is a lit passion than animates the present.

our goal is to meet the needs of each individual customer and to do this, we need the cooperation of Everyone.

to us, the improvement has not to be expected, but must to be sought and pursued in every moment.

to have good ideas is a common thing, what out of ordinary is, the people who want to work together to achieve such ideas.

what counts is not how many hours we employ to do a job, but the caring and commitment we use in those hours.

quality is not a simple concept, but a working philosophy, which we pursue everyday.


Goals & Skill

ALEA Evolution main goal is to become a key partner of those who are constantly searching for new technologies and ideas to optimize the production processes and achieve qualitative improvement, without losing sight of the product’s organoleptic characteristics which are at the basis of our country’s food and wine tradition and culture.

ALEA Evolution is committed to providing constant support to its customers, according to their different needs , in order to achieve a successful improvement of the development process and product quality.

There are no “standard” problems and needs. We are always listening to your ideas and attentive to your needs. Understand, process and turn them into concrete solutions : this is our goal.

In collaboration with Operators, Technicians and Professionals of the Oenological Sector, we can develop customized solution according to the individual needs, in order to propose Unique Solutions which have the aim of differentiating and characterizing your wines, without losing sight of the production costs and with particular respect to the quality of the raw materials and the traditions of each Producer.

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Company profile


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Alea Evolution

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